Wanda Malfara | What Is A Portrait Session
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What is a portrait session ?

A portrait session is an experience of self-discovery and re-discovery!


A Wanda Malfara Couture Portrait Session is Luxurious….and yet….


There was time in every woman’s life where our confidence, creativity and awesomeness knew no bounds. The world was ours for the taking and we took it. Words such as beautiful, ambitious, accomplished, courageous, sexy, strong and amazing were how we saw ourselves. It’s who we were!


Then, as time passed and our lives became busy and then busier still – we somehow lost sight of who we once were and slowly little pieces of ourselves, our awesome selves, got chipped away, til we almost forgot who we were – who we were meant to be!


I want to stop this journey and I know how to.


More than a photo session, this is a life experience that allows you to see the real you as a visual expression of self-love that will appear before your very eyes. Your beauty is no longer an object of critique, but rather a mirror of your soul, looking back at you with kind, generous eyes. I love being part of that!


My belief is that when women are fully in their power, feeling great about themselves and being awesome, they make the world around them better. Women are hard-wired to be nurturers. Even if you don’t have kids, you’re nurturing something – a business, a relationship, a garden, clients, a better way of living.


So, what does this have to do with why I take beautiful portraits of women (and of those they love!).


There’s a constant barrage of imagery coming at us from every source of the media. Nearly all of them showing us gorgeous women of all race, with similar body types, facial features and long, shiny flowing hair between 18-30 years old. An incredibly narrow margin of what is beautiful – it’s also a myth.


As intelligent, thoughtful women, we don’t want to even entertain the idea that beauty is very important to how we value ourselves because we KNOW it’s not. YET, this barrage of imagery is hammering into our psyche that the rest of the world places a value on us based on how we rate ”beauty” wise.


A low level noise buzzes through our thoughts that we’re not worthy. Not worthy of being seen, heard, or even deserving basic respect. This affects our ability to be effective in the world.


When we show up NOT fully in our power, with an energy of lack, or the need for approval, we send the message that we don’t have something of value to offer. Our voice, our words, our service go unseen.


I take beautiful pictures of beautiful women. This can appear to make me a part of the problem. It also appears to focus the attention on outward beauty and vanity. But, in working with hundreds of women, what I’ve found is that an intentionally transformative photo shoot that shows a woman how innately and uniquely beautiful she is, she can begin to dispel the beauty myth for herself and lock into a place of deeper knowledge of herself as fully divine.


The internal noise starts to dissipate, she can step fully into owning her worth and get on with the task of making the world a better place for herself and her loved ones.


The beauty myth isn’t being perpetrated on us without our permission, bringing consciousness to it revokes our permission. This is why I do what I do. It’s my contribution to healing the larger issue to effect change in my world.


Luxurious, timeless elegance, couture fashion and feminine styled portraits, your definition of beauty is personal and unique and my styling team designs your session accordingly. Drawing from my years as a painter/artist, I choose a creative style of photography that translates your beauty beyond the obvious… with an inspired, glamourous, dreamy and romantic interpretation of YOU!

About Your Photo Shoot

I invite you to a photo shoot with me to see yourself in a whole new light.

Is hair and make-up included?

Yes, a complimentary make-over is included in your session. I work with a team of professional make-up artists and hair stylists who will expertly make you gorgeous. Remember to book a night out after your photoshoot because you will look AHHH….MAZING!

What should I wear in my Photo Shoot?

Since every photo session is different, we will meet ahead of time for and in-person complimentary consultation to discuss ideas about style and wardrobe. I will give you direction on what and how many items to bring. As well, you may select wardrobe and accessories from my studio wardrobe.

Do you work with an all-female team?

Yes, the only people present during the preparation, make-over and photoshoot will be female.

I feel awkward in front of a camera – I don’t know how to pose.

Not a problem – that is my job. I will gently guide you into poses that flatter your style in the best way.

Should I go tanning before my Portrait Session?

I would recommend avoiding tan lines – these will show up in your photos! If you’re worried about being pale we can adjust your make-up.

I feel self-conscious about my body and I feel like I need to lose weight before the session. What should I do?

I completely understand wanting to look your very best. (I have been every size from 6 to 16 so I really “get” this.) I will strategically pose and light you in ways that will be flattering to you and your body type. Most people don’t realize that when they look in the mirror – that’s not really a true reflection of themselves. We are 3 dimensional, amazing human beings. Mirrors (and cameras) are 2 dimensional – which mean flat, not flattering and not real!!! So, as an artist, happily, I see you in 3 dimensions and I can coax my camera into seeing you with MY EYES!! (And if needed…..Photoshop is my paint palette and we speak the same language. wink, wink)

Feeling good about yourself is the best way to change the way you see yourself and then take positive actions towards your best life…and make changes, that you deserve to be happy now. You are perfect the way you are! I can’t wait to show you!

How do I book my Portrait Session?

Contact me. I’d love to talk about ideas and availability. To book your session a non-refundable sitting fee will reserve your date.

What is included in my Portrait Session?

Your couture portraiture session includes:


  • An in-person (or skype) complimentary consultation to get to know you better and design your dream session and prepare you for your day.
  • A complimentary professional hair and make-up session.
  • Several wardrobe and styling changes.
  • Fully guided photoshoot – an unforgettable experience every woman should do at least once in a lifetime.
  • Delicious hors d’oeuvres, desserts and beverages.
  • Laughter, fun and a feeling of “movie star for a day”.
  • An in-person Premiere viewing (within a week of your photo shoot) of a final 20-25 of your beautiful images, with my signature retouching.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime memory of the day that changed the way you see yourself – where you began to celebrate all your amazing, feminine power and gloriousness.
Section How much is this going to cost me?

The Couture Portrait Session Creative Fee is $250. +taxes

This includes your complimentary consultation, make-up and hair artistry and your photo shoot.

Please note: All images and products are sold separately. I have a la carte prices as well as collections available. The final amount of images you purchase is your choice. There is no hard sell, no minimum. It’s my job to take images of you that you LOVE so you’ll want them all! Everything you purchase also comes with the high resolution digital image.

Note also: Our studio offers payment terms and accepts all major credit cards and cheques.

Could I bring a friend?

Yes, of course. Celebrate your relationships! Do a double couture session with your sister, mom or best friend.

Will you Photoshop or retouch my images?

Yes, all of your images will be artistically edited and retouched. We will discuss your personal style before we begin shooting.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, a gift certificate from us is a perfect gift for any woman who is special to you. It is a celebration of who she is as a woman, and everything that is beautiful and perfect about her. We’ll even have your gift card specially wrapped for you.

What happens after my photo shoot?

About a week after you shoot we will have made another appointment for you to return to the studio for your “premiere”. This is where I will show you the top 25 images, fully finished for you to ooo and ahhh over. At that time you can decide how many images you wish to purchase. Be forewarned – at each step of our shoot from consultation to viewing I intend to spoil you with sweets and treats to maximize the experience of revealing beautiful YOU!! I want this to be THE best gift you’ve ever given yourself.

How long is a portrait session.

Your shoot can take between 2-4 hours. That’s one hour for make-up and hair and about 2 hours for your shoot. We will go as long as it takes to get a well-rounded selection of looks. (Please note: if your session is a business headshot – we usually take about 30 minutes for the shoot.)

Where is your studio

My studio is a 3rd floor loft that I built on top of my house. With tons of natural light from 3 large windows and a 9 foot cathedral skylight as well as studio strobes and continuous studio lights – it is a small but mighty studio where creativity reigns. Located in central Laval – just minutes north of Montreal on a quiet street with lots of free parking, easily accessible from several highways.