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Entrepreneurs I celebrate

Entrepreneurs I celebrate

As a Portrait Photographer – I get to make all kinds of portraits….from beauty/glamour to children’s, from business headshots to fantasy. And I love them all. I find business portraits challenging because in a subdued manner – the personality, experience and character of the subject needs to be captured in a fairly sober (meaning not flamboyant) way. Their clients and audience must – in a nano second – catch what it is they are representing or risk being ignored. And in business, being ignored is counter-productive to all the efforts made to increase business. Right??

As such, I have mere moments to get inside MY CLIENT’S head and discover what makes them tick and what message they want to visually portray to best “tell their story” to their clients. I love this challenge and I’m honored to see so many of our business portraits on web-sites, social media platforms, and printed business materials.

So, to celebrate Entrepreneur Week I’d like to highlight a few entrepreneurs I’ve enjoyed working with over the past few years.

First up – Kathy Tropiano, Founder of Salon de l’Eveil/The Awareness Exhibition. In only 3 years so has built an empire of supporters and collaborators where thousands are now attending an annual event in Laval and Levis. Check her out here. http://www.kathytropiano.com/

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Next up is the incomparable, dynamic Sarena Miller. Founder of We2 (Woman’s Entrepreneurial Exchange) – a woman’s networking group from all over the greater Montreal area, Sarena combines her effervescent personality with her solid business background, sprinkles in her artistic side as a painter and illustrator, and she packs a punch with her multi-talented resources. http://businessbetterment.com/ and https://www.we2network.com are her 2 sites you must check out.

PhSho Harold Norr & Sarena 291 crop

sarena collage

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My third pick is a warm, charming, chic, accomplished entrepreneur with a long history in the corporate world who decided a few years ago, to make a switch. Her heart was being called to those who are hurting in the midst of broken families and she felt a strong need to bridge the gap of communication between parents and their children. Anna Giannone is passionate about helping parents – co-parent their children despite their divorce. She councils and guides parents through the murky waters of healing their patterns of communication and has written a book called “Co-parenting in Harmony”. Her site is  http://www.annagiannone.com.

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As I write this blog post I am struck by one thing all three entrepreneurs have in common (besides beauty, brain and b*lls). It’s –  they all have added HEART to their work. It’s heart-centered work that has called them. Yes they all are in business and all need dollars to survive and thrive but that is not what has called them. So much food for thought – that!!

I am happy that I not only provide business people with their headshots that they need for profile pictures and web-sites but I am able to provide a full range of images to be used in so many other areas to fully communicate THEIR story to their audience, their clients, their business. I offer 3 different packages to businesses from simple headshot sessions, to a full session with different looks to my Black Label package which includes a full day of visual exploration and unlimited images, location and wardrobe changes and a day of total attention and pampering. The ultimate experience. Get in touch for more details. I’d love to explore all that makes you and your business magnificent!!

Ciao for now! Bisous.