Wanda Malfara | Donna Saker’s Diva make-over Photo Shoot
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Donna Saker’s Diva make-over Photo Shoot

Donna Saker’s Diva make-over Photo Shoot


When I first met Donna (Montreal’s awesome radio personality – The Beat 92.5 morning show host) it was like meeting a soul sister – I felt like I’d always known her. Yeah….maybe because I knew her voice so well from listening to her everyday when I drove the kids to and from school but it felt more than that.


….and then when I discovered she was born and raised in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia (just a few miles from where all my Mom’s family lived), being a Nova Scotia born gal myself – that clinched it.


So, I was extra thrilled when she came to my studio for a Diva Make-over Photo Shoot.

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…and brought along her hair extensions. Party time!!! Sana Mrad did her beautiful make-up and hair style, we threw on some dresses, hair accessories and lots of fabric, turned on the wind machine and laughed and giggled like school girls.


Then Donna announced to her social media audience that we were doing a Diva Photoshoot give-away.


The ladies wrote in, telling us why they felt they deserved and wanted a make-over photo shoot. As I read their stories – some of them heartbreaking, a common theme became clear. We women are so busy looking after everyone else, building careers, raising our kids and all that goes with that, that somehow – we got lost! The common phrase from so many of these women was ‘ I would love to find my inner diva again and release her ‘.


So, instead of picking just one – we picked TWO winners. I can’t wait to meet them and together – discover who they lost along the way and celebrate with them. Every woman deserves this moment. Stay tuned for the results. Whoop whoop!!