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About Wanda



I have enjoyed many achievements in my life and am grateful for each of them – even my failures because through them I grew and stretched. But aside from adopting my two daughters – nothing fills me with such excitement and sense of accomplishment and purpose as helping women transform their perception of themselves and find their true inner beauty, freeze it for them and present it to them as a gift to cherish their whole lives. When a client says to me “feeling beautiful today made me feel like I can conquer anything!!” I want to bow my head in reverent gratitude for being a part of this amazing process. Sometimes I wish I were filthy rich so I wouldn’t even have to charge for this (…but I’m not….just sayin’).


What humbles me the most is the trust my clients give me – to coax, ever so gently – their fragile, beautiful selves out and encourage it to bloom and embrace all its fullness and magnificence. It’s an amazing experience to be part of. The connection I have with my clients is sacred and makes the whole experience much more than just a photo shoot – much more than just taking a photograph.


Celebrating … beauty!


Contact: Wanda Malfara


450-662-0329, 514-923-1166


Wanda Malfara Photography


What THEY say…….


Professional portrait photographer, Wanda Malfara is an award-winning artist and a portrait specialist with an expertise in digital photo software. Whether shooting in her Montreal studio or on location, she is a master at finding the undiscovered beauty of her subjects.


Wanda brings a remarkable artistic flare as she captures those treasured moments in life, moments that are meaningful to all of us from babies to weddings and all those special days in between. Her creative eye is equally sought after on assignments from glamour shoots to fashion and business portraits.


Her art is routed in a rich life history, from her classical music training, her career as a portrait painter, her world travels and more recently her role as proud mom to two lovely little girls she adopted from China.


Clients delight in Wanda’s joie de vivre and appreciate the heartfelt interest she takes in her subjects. Her passion for people shows through in her images and makes her a winning choice for portrait photography.


Beautiful, contemporary portraits by a custom, boutique photography studio.

About The Studio

Wanda Malfara Photography Studio is a 3rd floor loft studio situated  just north of Montreal in central Laval.


The atmosphere in my studio is as important to me and the final result as my camera equipment is. Soft, quiet ambient music plays gently in the background and there is a soft hush as you enter the studio. Attention is given to every detail to ensure a comfortable, relaxing and creative environment.


Natural light floods the studio from 3 large windows as well as a 9 foot cathedral skylight adding height to the feel of the studio. Studio lighting equipment is available in the event the natural light isn’t adequate.


Two large racks hold a variety of wardrobe choices as well as a complete array of accessories. A wall of closets hold hundreds of props, jewellery and accessories to compliment any wardrobe.


A make-up and hair station, bathroom and kitchen facilities, a changing room and a comfortable seating area make for a very complete studio experience.

About The Team

As the comfort of my clients is of the upmost importance to me – I choose my team very carefully. Fully professional make-up artists, hair stylists and assistants are hired to provide a finished product – magazine worthy. YOU worthy.


The studio pays their wages so there is no additional cost to the client.


At all times an atmosphere of fun, safety, respect and comfort are our goals. Upon leaving the studio we often hear “Wow….that was so much fun – I felt like a rock star today!” (And we think….”wait till you see your pictures! You will be BLOWN away !!”)