Wanda Malfara | Beautiful, contemporary portraits by a custom, boutique photography studio
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 How do you dream of being photographed?


Like you’ve lost that young, sexy, beautiful woman you were and wonder if you’ll ever find her again? 
There is always time and money for everyone else 
but never for you?



You could escape for a day of luxurious pampering with a total make-over (make-up and hair artistry) and a choice of fashion wardrobe and props that can knock your socks off. 
You could feel like a fashion model or a movie star 
for a day  in your own, custom designed luxury photo shoot and have beautiful images to remind you of your true beauty,
your spirit and your
 awesome uniqueness for the rest of your life.



That you may feel like you’re not photogenic or that you feel awkward in front of a camera. 
I am skilled at helping you to relax and can guide 
you into poses that best flatter you and your uniqueness.


         YOU WILL        

Love how this amazing experience can forever change the way you see yourself and your life. 
Reconnect with the woman you see in your
gorgeous portraits and be awed by her again.

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About Wanda

Wanda brings a remarkable artistic flare as she captures those treasured moments in life, moments that are meaningful to all of us from babies to weddings and all those special days in between.

About the Studio

Natural light floods the studio from 3 large windows as well as a 9 foot cathedral skylight adding height to the feel of the studio.

About the Team

Fully professional make-up artists, hair stylists and assistants are hired to provide a finished product – magazine worthy. YOU worthy.


Luxurious Portraiture

Before & After

Portrait Session 

More than a photo session, this is a life experience that allows you to see the real you as a visual expression of self-love that will appear before your very eyes. Your beauty is no longer an object of critique, but rather a mirror of your soul, looking back at you with kind, generous eyes.

The Details

Every session begins long before the shoot. We will get to know each other, through an intimate conversation designed to understand who you are… we will discuss your style, your relationships and what you love about yourself. We will not dwell on your insecurities….because to me, they do not define you.


There are many choices out there. Your investment is a reflection of how you decide to celebrate and honor your own definitions of beauty and femininity …

Something so personal cannot be measured by a “pick your price” menu or discount.